Meagan Kunisch

NSL Bikini Beach & Athletic Pro

Meagan Kunisch is an Nspire Sports League professional bikini competitor. With only 3 competitions under her belt she won 2nd place in bikini athletic in her first ever competition in 2016 and 1st place challenger bikini athletic. She went on to compete in her first national show and her professional debut in Houston, TX where she won overall in the bikini beach pro division and earned the title of Ms. NSL Bikini Beach Champion. She reached a huge milestone when she competed in Lake Tahoe April 22, 2017 where in a last minute decision had to switch competitive categories from her pro beach category to compete in the pro bikini athletic where she took home 2nd place over current standing pros in the athletic category. She is a firm believer that a person’s goals are 100% attainable with dedication, hard work, consistency, patience, trust and faith in the process. She believes that everything happens for a reason whether you know that reason or not, there is always something to be learned from every situation. Meagan is a huge advocate for healthy living and wants her followers to understand that what you put into your body is directly related to how you look aesthetically and how you feel internally. She believes in taking care of her body through proper exercise and a diet rich in whole foods.

“I truly believe that if you make small changes each and every day with the foods you eat, the supplements you take, and the exercise you perform there is no doubt that you will begin making progress with your health and fitness goals. I am absolutely in love with FlexX Bar & Snack Company’s products and the fact that their ingredients are all natural, whole, non gmo, and gluten free … you can’t get much better than that! Not only do I love their variety of flavors but I actually feel good eating them and knowing that I am putting nothing processed into my body makes me feel good inside and out.”

Online Health & Fitness Coach

Favorite FlexX bar: Peanut Butter Fantasy

Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL

Age: 26

Favorite quote: “Failure is a necessary ingredient of success.

Rachael Colacino

Hometown: Malvern, PA

Rachael Colacino is a runner, weightlifter and running coach. She started running long distances at age 11, and competed in her first marathon, the New York City Marathon, in 2009. After battling running injuries, in 2012 she added weightlifting and functional fitness to her training routine and fell in love with the strength she built and the improvements she saw in her running. The same year, she started coaching endurance athletes, and has worked with hundreds of athletes from Massachusetts to Florida to Pennsylvania, all ages and abilities. Her why for coaching is to help as many people as possible run strong and healthy, so they can continue doing what they love for as long as possible.

Rachael is a 2x Boston Marathon qualifier and finisher, and in addition to her running accomplishments is proud to say she is 15 pounds away from being able to back squat twice her body weight. Rachael is also a Coach for Power Speed Endurance, where she is fortunate enough to train endurance athletes from around the world. In her free time, she is learning ballet, and is a volunteer coach for Girls on the Run, which teaches young girls how to be strong, confident leaders.

Rachael believes in using fitness and healthy living to model strength and self-confidence for her nieces and the other young women she is fortunate enough to have in her life.

“I absolutely love FlexX Bars. I typically avoid bars of any kind, because they always taste artificial, either in sweetness or texture. FlexX is the first bar I have found that tastes delicious and is full of healthy ingredients. My husband has several severe food allergies, and he also loves FlexX not only for the taste, but also for the care he knows goes into the ingredients and the preparation. We are FlexX customers for life!”

Favorite FlexX bar: Harvest Coconut

Age: 41

Favorite quote: “There will be a day when you can no longer do this. Today is not that day.”

Mike Kerul

As a well-rounded and very respected strength and conditioning coach, he has trained athletes that have competed in High School, College, NFL, MLB, and NHL.

Mike is the owner of Kerul’s Garage Gym. Over the past 12 years Mike has trained many clients ranging from weight loss clients, doctors, moms, youth development programs, high school athletes, to even collegiate, elite amateur, and professional athletes looking to elevate their sport performance. He is also a CrossFit Games Regional Athlete, Wodapalooza Elite Athlete, Professional Powerlifter, NCAA Football Running Back, and a devoted husband and father of (3) beautiful children, (Ashleigh-Wife, Landon, Reese, Kennedy).

His unique training methods and unyielding dedication to his clients maximizes their performance to the highest level of excellence. The effectiveness of Mike’s work is best measured by his client’s success.

After training with him, many of his athletes have gone on to compete at the highest levels of amateur and professional sports and made lifestyle changes that made an impact on their lives. His style of coaching can speak for itself while his energy and attention to details will physically and mentally motivate and inspire those around him.

“One of the biggest benefits I get from FlexxBar Company is that I know exactly what I am consuming, not to mention the abundance of flavors to switch it up from day to day or week to week. With that being said, I make sure each and every one of my clients, athletes, friends and family members get on the same page as me and make sure FlexxBar Company is a part of their daily nutritional routine…” -Coach Mike

Hercules (Post WOD), Harvest Coconut (AM Breakfast or Snack), and Bryant’s Bar (ALL Around Bar

Tessa Marquette

Tessa is a homeschooled, Crossfit games athlete, weightlifter, and former competitive gymnast. She started gymnastics at age 4 and competed from ages 6-12. After gymnastics Tessa wanted a way to stay active and decided to try CrossFit. She immediately fell in love with it and entered many local competitions at age 13. In February 2016 she competed in her first CrossFit open and placed 13th out of 1,000+ 14/15 year old females from all over the world. In January 2017 she took 1st place at Wodapalooza, one of the biggest CrossFit competitions in the world located in Miami,FL. Then in February placed 6th in the 2017 CrossFit open, and 4th in the final qualifier for the CrossFit games. She is now training at Crossfit Lakewood ranch and headed to the CrossFit games in Madison, WI.

Tessa also competes in high school weightlifting at Manatee high school. Along with winning all of her local meets during season, she took 1st at county’s, 1st at districts, and 3rd at regionals. She then went on to compete against the top 20 girls in the state of Florida in the 129 weight class, and medaled 6th place as a freshman.

“I believe that the way you eat and the foods you use to fuel your body is a huge part of training and achieving your goals. Flexxbars include everything I look for in a bar and don’t include any extra or unnecessary ingredients. They are perfect pre/post workout bars that help me get through my 3-4 hour training sessions, and is my go-to snack between workouts and school work! (Plus they taste AMAZING)”

Fav flexxbar: Peanut Butter Fantasy

Hometown: Bradenton, FL

Age: 15

Fav quote: “Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing”