SNN: Local Business Wants To Make Healthy Eating Easy

Flex Bar Company

Making the case for healthy eating, one health bar at a time

Flex Bar Company

Since buying Flex Bar and Snack Company in March, a company that traditionally sold its products through farmers markets, Lakewood Ranch resident Marjan Zaun has taken a quantum leap with its marketing.

Along with a fresh infusion of energy and a name change from P & J Nuts, Zaun has launched an all-out social media campaign with a new website as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. The company was founded in Punta Gorda, where Flex Bar and Snack Company still has its commercial kitchen.

Zaun would like to find a commercial kitchen location in the Bradenton-Sarasota area, where she can work closer to home, tweak her recipes and introduce new products.

“We hand-make everything.  It’s myself and the baker.  We don’t sub anything out,” Zaun said.  “It has been a passion of mine to show people you don’t have to eat preservatives. It’s whole food.”  Read more…

Choice to go healthy leads to new business

Flex Bar Company

PUNTA GORDA, Fla – When Marjan Zaun turned 40 years old she decided to train for her first ever fitness competition. It opened more doors than she could have imagined.

“That journey has brought me to realize how important it is to fuel our body with the right kind of food,” Zaun says.

To find the right kind of food, she had to educate herself on healthy eating. That led to some experimenting in the kitchen, and eventually a new business.

She opened Flex Bar Company with one goal in mind.

“Whole food nutrition, that anyone, from kids to adults can eat,” she says.

In her Punta Gorda work space, Zaun and two employees do it all. They cook and package natural food products like energy bars and granola. There are no additives, preservatives or added sugar in any of her products.

“And you can taste it,” Zaun says. “When you taste the bar and there’s no chemicals in it, your palette will taste that and really appreciate it.”

You can buy Flex Bar products online and at a handful of local grocery stores, but Zaun does much of her sales at Southwest Florida farmers markets from Sarasota to Marco Island.

“That’s my passion,” she says. “Talking to people that come up to my booth at the farmers market and say, ‘when you’re eating whole foods and good protein and good carbohydrates, and good fats, your body absorbs that and your body breaks that down. As opposed to other things out there that are full of chemicals.”